Monday, February 19, 2007

New teen services @ the library

We are grateful and more than honored at the gift from the Chad Hultgren Memorial Fund. Following the wishes of the donation (which paralleled our Long Range Plan) we will be purchasing the following: 50" plasma television, X-Box 360, wireless controllers for the X-Box, a play station 2 w/ Dance Dance Revolution AND (if any funds are available) a Wii machine. Our plan involves the library matching the donation dollar for dollar.

NOW for the strings.

It is not a teens right to play the games, it is a priviledge. In order to use the machines kids MUST bring in GOOD REPORT CARDS, GOOD GRADES ON REPORTS/PAPERS (spelling tests included) GOOD COMMENTS FROM TEACHERS AND PRINCIPALS etc.

We need the library to be a friendly and nurturing environment for our kids, but we want for them to be as well educated and well brought up as possible.


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