Monday, March 10, 2008

HEH! What'd you change now?

You will find our adult fiction section "under construction".  We
are beginning to categorize the fiction by genre. As you wander down the
adult side of the library, on the left you will find Inspirational
fiction followed by Romance. In the coming months, other genre will
follow: Historical Fiction, Westerns, Classics, Fiction, Adventure,
Suspense, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Each genre is
easily identified by a colorful label on the spine. We hope this will
allow you to locate your favorite type of fiction easily and explore
other authors within the genres.

The non-fiction on the adult side will begin to sport some colorful
labels, as well. In the coming months, we will highlight subject areas
such as politics, health, religion, history, literature, animals, etc.
This will allow you to quickly locate the material you are looking for
and perhaps draw attention to something that may interest you.

We are excited about these changes and hope they will make your
reading more pleasurable and your research more productive. As always,
please ask if you need any help or direction.


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