Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get yourself organized.

For me it's a neverending task, and for others it just comes naturally. We used to use a thing called a Rolodex (R) that helped organize names, birthdays, account numbers etc. There's a new bit of software out called AZZ Cardfile. WOW. Major league handy and well worth at least an investigation. With Windows 3.1 we had a simple cardfile.exe and it was good, but indeed had limitations. AZZ Cardfile has so much more and requires minimal system resources. It can even (following the directions of course) open your old Windows Cardfile files.

General information for the program is here:

Download etc. from here:

Certainly let me know what you think and I'll begin to share tons of information about other very useful programs we use here at NCPL, many are free!


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