Thursday, May 12, 2005

Re-inventing Libraries

We had session 2 of Re-inventing Libraries yestarday in Kokomo. Most of the workshop was spend discussing systems (relating to business/administration) and how the system of the organization is not only different in each library, but also how it is interpreted by each of the library's staff members.

Later in the day we played a game entitled, "Technopoly." Based upon the board game Monopoly, each square dealt with a different situation. Each group had four members and each member played a different part (opposite of their current position at the library). After a roll of the die the players would move the marker to a square on the board and read the situation. Each member, as viewed from their part, were to describe how they would each handle the situation. SUPERB INDEED.

This has been a fascinating workshop. The presenters are Dan and Sharon Wiseman and Michael Stephens. Couldn't have a better group of people.

Steve and Ida from INCOLSA are to be commended too on provinding such a series of programs!



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