Monday, March 13, 2006

Free magazine searches for kids

An improvement in INSPIRE searching for students in grades K-5 is now available
on the INSPIRE website. The new INSPIRE Kids interface is available on the
INSPIRE database/topic search page. The new interface will replace the current
INSPIRE Kids (aka Searchasaurus) in July 2006. Until then both interfaces will
be available.

Click here to access INSPIRE.NET for kids

Improvements in the new interface:

- Based on the Student Research Center interface for easy transition between

- Searches are limited to Primary Search, Newspaper Source, EBSCO Animals,
Images, and Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia

- All five databases are searched together in the default search

- Funk & Wagnalls and the Image database can be searched individually

- Search results returned in relevance order

- EBSCO folder allows for printing or emailing multiple articles

- Teachers and librarians can search ERIC and the Professional Development
Collection from within the interface

- Topics can be used to narrow searches or for browsing articles

- Unique INSPIRE Kids branding includes a link to the Kids Links on the INSPIRE


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