Monday, April 28, 2008

"Wander" Indiana!

Remember that slogan from what seems to be a million years ago??? I guess alot of people complained (what's new?), but I liked the television ad with the old Studebaker cruising around.

Anyway...back on's a fantastic link for "wandering" around Indiana:

I've shamelessly stolen the following from the Indiana State Library:


Thinking about vacationing close to home this spring and summer? Hiking, bicycling, camping, sight-seeing, road rallies…whatever your pleasure, Indiana has it. To start planning an Indiana-based trip, visit the Office of Tourism’s brochure page. Travel brochures are available for order without charge. Be sure to request a Play Pack for coupons and package deals for travel all over the state. The Travel Guide is available to download for immediate use. Also be sure to take a look at the Visit Indiana page on to see and comment on photos of some of the state’s best known destinations.

The Department of Natural Resources website has a new look, and you can still find all the information you need to plan a trip to any of the state’s 24 state parks, 9 reservoirs or dozens of recreation trails. The State Park Division website links visitors to maps of the parks, information about camping and Inn facilities, and admission information. The Outdoor Recreation Division Trails Inventory provides information about hiking, biking, horseback, wheelchair accessible and many other types of trails. Users can view a list of trails by activity or use the interactive map to find a trail that matches their interests. Information on canoeing, off-roading and skiing is also available from the Outdoor Recreation Division.

If visiting the state’s many historic sights is what you prefer, visit the Indiana Historical Bureau’s Historical Marker Program website to find historic locations by topic or by county.

Older tour guides can be useful even today. The State Library owns publications called “Indiana fuel-saving trips and tips: scenicircle drives” which describe driving routes planned to use a minimum of gas for a maximum of scenic enjoyment and educational interest. Some information, such as admission prices, may not be up-to-date, but fuel economy never goes out of style. Contact the Indiana Division of the Indiana State Library for information from this resource. Another way to see the state by car is to participate in one of DNR’s 2008 Road Rallies. Find more information about these events and see photos from previous years’ rallies at the Indiana Road Rally website.

Wherever you go, enjoy the roadside wildflowers. INDOT’s native flower plantings are designed to require minimal maintenance, cost less and beautify the state’s highways. Visit the INDOT Hoosier Roadside Heritage Program website to learn more about the program and take a survey to let INDOT know what you think.

Indiana Office of Tourism travel brochures:
Visit Indiana on
DNR State Parks:
DNR Outdoor Recreation Division:
Indiana Historical Bureau Marker Program:
Indiana Road Rally:
INDOT Roadside Heritage Program:

IND 917.72 I385s

If you really want to save money, use the clothesline behind your house! Why pay to use gas/electric when it's free outside. If you are in one of those subdivisions that snub their noses at clotheslines, you'd better get that rule changed!


At 7:03 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Thanks for mentioning the Tourism websites! It's great to come across people who are excited about traveling in our great state! In addition to the Indiana Tourism Flickr page, we also started a group ( We have nearly 1000 pictures from several dozen photographers throughout the state. If you have some great photos of Indiana, we'd love for you to join our group!


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