Wednesday, August 31, 2005

2005 Hurricane Season

We thought our friends in the Southeastern United States had enough to deal with after the hurricanes of 2004, now the 2005 season is upon us and our friends there are definitely needing our help.

While viewing CNN on Sunday I heard a representative from the Insurance Information Institute discuss free software that is available. This software enables users to create and maintain a very good home inventory that can include scanned copies of receipts and digital images of items in your home.

If something drastic were to happen to your home, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to produce a verifyable list of items that were lost or damaged. The software is available for you AT NO COST (get the hint?) at click on the download button at the lower right hand side of the screen and proceed with the download from there.

A few minutes of your time now will save you many months of frustration and heartache later.

By the way. The American Red Cross needs our help to help our fellow citizens during their time of need.



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