Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina, computers and public libraries

Received this from a library listserve today.

To all--we are in desperate need of computers/printers.  We are being inundated with evacuees needing to file FEMA applications, unemployment, search for loved ones, etc. and are coming into our public libraries to use the computers.  Our libraries have greatly extended their hours to accomodate the people but they need additional computers and printers.  If you can please put the word out that if anyone wants to help immediately, this is our greatest need.
The specs for the computers we need are:
Pentium 3
Windows 2000, prefer XP
Laser printers if you can still get toner for them

If you are willing to help the SURVIVORS of Hurricane Katrina, please e-mail me at sboggs@ncpl.info


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