Monday, March 06, 2006

Family friendly listening (and reading)

Going on a vacation and need something (aside from DVDs) to keep the kids occupied while in the car/van? I can easily recommend anything from "The Cat Who" series. Read on and drive carefully!

Following is a review from Booklist Magazine ( about one of the latest in "The Cat Who" series. Though the books do deal with murder (fortunately the author doesn't dwell on it) the strength of the series is, as always, the quite intelligent and most intriguiging cats!

The series doesn't dwell on sex, is respectful of those who perish and is pro-animal! Not suggested for younger listeners, but say 8 or 9 year-olds should handle them just fine.

From Booklist

Anyone who has ever exclaimed, "Cats!" with a mixture of affection, frustration, and admiration is bound to fall (or has already fallen) for this venerable series (27 novels young) featuring Koko and Yum Yum, the svelte and savvy Siamese. This time the marvelously mustached Jim Qwilleran, more familiarly known as "Qwill," and his feline friends relax in their converted apple-barn home in Pickax City, Moose County, "400 miles north of everywhere." Frantic activity occurs around them, as Pickax prepares for its sesquicentennial with parades and other festivities. As the richest man around (thanks to an inheritance), Qwill is called upon to lead or partake in many events and write about others in his "Qwill Pen" newspaper column. Meanwhile, a terrible storm threatens the celebration, and the mysterious deaths of a wealthy couple lead to questions about murder. With its familiar characters, cozy plots, and happy endings, this series remains as comforting as a warm cat in your lap on a rainy day. Jenny McLarin
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