Thursday, September 15, 2005

Higher heating bills this winter.

According to Susan L. Macey the Indiana utility Consumer Counselor in Indianapolis heating bills will be going up. What a surprise. Ms. Macey noted in her letter in Voice of the People in the South Bend Tribune on September 14, 2005 that consumers can receive a free pamphlet by going to or calling 888-441-2494. The pamphlet describes how to understand budget billing and making energy efficiency improvements to your home.

Great, can't afford to get to work, can't afford to keep reasonably warm. Well...maybe this will help.

First, you could come to the library on cold snowy days and hang out. Since we have both hot chocolate and cappuccino in the cafe, you're bound to have a dandy time here!

Secondly, you could follow this link and see the search I did on energy savings in your home!



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